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Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016!

some mornings you have to have coffee to get going!

pizza for everyone, cheese, meat and veggie!

we rented a house in Hilton Head for April vacation!

how is this for a back yard?!

i think she likes it!! :)

a visitor! scared the heck out of everyone!

Victoria decided she had to fish in the pool to be safe :)

just chillin!

the front of the house and our rental car

the main area - it was amazing!

huge kitchen!

victoia had fun catching tadpoles, reilly was amazed at the different life cycles in one bowl

in the cold water!

hubby, brownie and I :)

warming up after swimming :)

had to be beach bums

attempting to swim!

our sand castle!

cute green gecko!

cool bike rack at the general store

showing her mini dog

brownie loved running on the beach!

reilly getting gerri to stretch!

brownie the great gecko hunter!

hiding up high so brownie can't get em

back home and so thankful for spring and setting up the trampoline!