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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas was Amazing!!

first day doing advent calendars! :) wow! chocolate! :)

even Brownie got some christmas bling

all this excitement is exhausting!

we went to see the Lexington Symphony Pops Concert!

all dressed up! :)

Reilly did my nails!

so cute!

I told Danny i would keep this picture and post it! :)

our new orinament!

the entire 7th grade went to the theater to see "A Christmas Carol" - they loved it!

Bake 'em and Take 'em for christmas! yum!
 This year we gave each kid $20 and they had to buy gifts for each other. They had SO much fun and really thought about what each would want. I had to take them to different stores separately, so I spent a whole day doing this :)
Reilly really had fun picking stuff out and then wrapping it :)

under the tree is all the gifts to each other

our 2015 christmas card!

we had everyone over for christmas eve get-together.
we each made parts of the meal, lots of crock pots.
We made borscht and chili! 

all the adults around the hor'doerves

after dinner, Auntie Denise made the kids all take a walk :)
the weather was AMAZING! we were able to have all the doors open!

then it was present time!!

patiently waiting!

how funny!! onesies!!

everyone was SO tired once done! :)

our tree all ready for the kids to wake up!!
(I color code so we know whose is whose)

stockings were full!
Victoria could not WAIT for Reilly to wake up!!

everyone got what they wanted!!

A very happy girl!
She told me this was her best christmas ever! :)

we used the hair curler she got for christmas!
 Then we had a quick birthday party for gerri, it was just us :)

very happy to be 12!!!!

lots of new clothes!! and a gift card for game stop!

and for her birthday, they all got premium PC minecraft accounts!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday! we sure did :)