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Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Catch-up!

Auntie got a new puppy!!

Hard to believe this is New England in March!!

St Pattys day! :)

Hot Chocolate!! :) one of our follow up visits in Philly :)

the girls had an Easter class!

We had Reilly re-baptized at our church!

she was so serious :) 

Reilly did my hair for Easter dinner with the family

Browny was not impressed!

All ready for Easter dinner!

met the easter bunny at the base!

time to dye the eggs

it was very messy!

Easter am we had our usual scavenger hunt.
Reilly could not believe how early everyone got up for this! and on a weekend!!

everyone smiling! :)

ready for Easter service

So angelic!

this is more like them!!

sister love!