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Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy thanksgiving ya'll!!

we had a great day! the weather was beautiful and everyone came over for a big dinner

Auntie Denise had crafts :)

how much fun!!

homemade acorns!! :)
chocolate kiss, vanilla wafer and butterscotch bit with frosting "glue"
 everyone was hungry and I didn't get any pics of the food or the gathering :)

Uncle Mike helped get the last of the meat off the carcass

I did get pics of the desserts :)
Auntie Carla was guarding them all :)

Katie made yummy home made apple cider caramel

Nana claimed the carcass
 Today was a day off so we relaxed for a bit and then headed over to Auntie Carla's to help:
Did a lot of raking and bagging :)

Ended with some jumping :)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day!!

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