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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Painting!! :)

so last Friday hubby and I were at the range shooting (I won!) and I mentioned going to home depot for paint for the kid rooms, we have been promising them that we would some day paint their rooms.
so we went and bought paint and headed out to lunch. hubby looked at me and said you can't wait to paint can you!?!?! :)
so guess what we did all weekend :)
we did Danny's room on Friday:)

He was SO happy!! a real big boy room!

Saturday am Danny and his cub scout pack collected pies for the food pantry. In 4 hours they collected 245 pies! $100 check and $700 in cash for the food pantry!  
 Then it was time for the girl's room!! I spent the whole weekend! a big part of it was getting all their stuff out of their rooms and sorting into keep, donate and trash piles. OMG!!
Victoria's rosey pink side!!

their pink tree :) (and a little bit of separation)

Gerri's purple side!!

spread out their dressers, the space in between now has  toys :)

The kids spent an hour just sorting their my little pet shop!
and no matter how much I told them NOT to touch the paint.........

Monday am at work I was SO sore I could hardy lift my arms or get up and down from a sitting position, but their rooms look awesome!


Tim & Rita said...

Looks great! We are painting Alex's soon. Have to pick the color, but almost decided.

Michelle Z said...

WOW! Looks great! Are you for hire?? ;)