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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy day of fun!

Watching Sleeping Beauty at breakfast

She ate the WHOLE donut :)

One of the dad's did a puppet show - so so funny!

This makes up for the chocolate chip pancakes I already ate right!?!?!?

This is where we went today

This is the entrance - very old building!

Some water play!

playing with the lock system

splashed herself :)

Playing the floor piano

The Alice in Wonderland exhibit

Cheshire Cat!

playing golf!

The Tea Party with the Mad Hatter


Then we went shopping

Then we rang them up!

Had to film some commercials

Played Dr

Had to build

Had to keep turning the handle to keep the feathers in the air!

So cool how the ball stayed in the air!

A little static

Then drove a bus

and a race car!

the view from the front door

We had to go see what was going on - Rugby!!

Making wishes and blowing!!!!!
I could tell her knee is still sore and she is very afraid to put weight on her leg with the short cast. She was this way last December when her casts finally came off.  She kept rubbing her knee but said it did not hurt.
I just let it go and let her enjoy herself, every once in a while she would use it a bit with out thinking. Luckily she has a bit before she has 2 short casts, so hopefully she will be more able to walk on her right leg before that happens. She is a bit frustrated since she had been walking in the 2 long leg casts.
We then drove all around after leaving the museum and found lots of rugby games going on. We also found the zoo, so maybe a trip for next weekend!
Tomorrow is spa day :)
Ms V is feeling a bit better, the fever has finally gone down below 100! She is still coughing quite a bit, but did manage to sleep better last night.


hopeful one said...

glad to hear that V is feeling better!!

Jodi said...

Hey, when did Gerri get a haircut? I love it :)

MoonDog said...

we were planning to go there tomorrow! (monday) but sadly we arent coming at all now. booooo.
miss you guys already!