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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy fun!

Playing in our neighbor's backyard

Danny had so much fun throwing the ball for their dog

yes, triplets :)

One of the little ones just wanted to push Gerri around :)

Not surprised they did this!

Pizza all around! The triplets ate as much as they did!!

Playing with their toys!

The girls having some girl time, blowing bubbles on the front porch
Gerri and I get up bright and early tomorrow to head to Philly for a cast change.
We are back to every week again. I hope to get an idea of how many more there will be, it is starting to get hot here in FL!!

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David and Carolyn said...

Oh wow look at all that green grass. Ours was covered in snow this morning! Thankfully it's gone now. Looks like an enjoyable sunny afternoon. I am soo ready for warm weather. Hope your trip goes well. Madeline says hi to Gerri :)