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Friday, April 22, 2011

Cast #6 is on!

Distraction with the Ipod

Wear and Tear Gerri style :)

she thought the cast mess looked like snow on her leg :)

her cute feet! Not only can we feel the ankle bone on the outside, but now we can feel it on the inside of her feet!!

you can tell in this picture that he is now pulling them UP!

An Easter ring pop!

Showing Fu Xia her memory game

Ben very sweetly gave Gerri a sticker!

Her hand made Easter bag :)

Showing off her new casts - already dirty :)

We decided to watch a movie at the RMH, so Mr Anthony set us up in the movie room :)

She was captivated!!

Gerri and Bryson playing game boy before dinner of home made pizza!
We had a nice relaxing day :)
We actually got in before our scheduled time and was out within an hour!! wow!!
We hung around and visited, played, and ate.
I asked Dr vB about how many more casts he thought and he said Oh - about 3 :)
So we are booked for Friday/Monday castsings for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully on May 9th she will get molded for her AFO's a cast will be put on, we go home for 3 weeks while the AFO's are made.Then we fly back to have cast #10 taken off and her AFO's put on!!
Hopefully Gerri will be back in AFO's and shoes by end of May!
Dr vB also said he is very happy with her feet and he is pretty sure there will be no external fixators, maybe no tenotomies!! So we are waiting on Ms Mimi to call us with her surgery date for just her left hip fix. He said once in the OR he will make the decision on her tenotomies.
As of right now he is 4-6 months out for surgery so it looks like fall :(
But at this point not having casts from June to whenever will be a nice break!

We fly home tomorrow am early :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

It was fun to hang with you guys. See ya next week!!