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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Travel day!

Our flight was delayed so we got to watch with everyone else! Gerri was fascinated by it all!

My new bag - I love it!!

playing in clinic - love to see so many families!

check these babies out!!

you can feel the bones in her feet - it is SO amazing!!

wearing a brownie mustache :)

look at those flat feet!

Her right foot is corrected so it has a short cast, he is just working on bringing her foot up now.
Gerri is SO happy to have her knee back! I am sure it is cooler too.  We are working on getting her knee straight. Funny that she could not bend her knees 45 degrees and now she can't straighten them after being casted bent knee for so long.
Dr vB thinks her left foot should be good by next week. So hopefully we will go home for the 3 weeks they are making her AFO's with 2 short casts!! She will have boots to wear so she can walk too!! This is so exciting! She was NOT happy while casting, he had her lay on her tummy so he could hold her right foot flat in place and cast it. Then once the cast hardens she is fine :)

 Her  right knee is sore from being out of cast and she keeps commenting on how strange it feels :) I told her we will work slowly to straighten it out.
She was sound asleep at 8:00 while watching the recap of the wedding and I fell asleep about 9:00 and slept till 6:00 am!! WOW! I can not even remember the last time I slept that much :)

Just talked to hubby on the phone and Ms V did much better last night. She only woke up twice coughing but otherwise slept through the night. She is doing her nebulizer 3 x's a day and taking a strong antibiotic (which has already given her diarrhea) I am guessing hubby really misses me :)

Thanks for everyone's prayers!! We felt them :)
Now we are trying to decide what to do in Philly today and tomorrow, we never have down time while here.
So we may try the zoo or the museum, who knows :) But first I need to hit Dunkin Donuts :) :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Go to the Please Touch Museum!!! Get your voucher and take your GPS and GO!!! Gerri will love it!!!

Bryson has not tried to walk yet. He legs and feet have been really hurting. Lucky for me he wailed on the second flight as I put motrin and benadryl in him!!!

I can't believe she is in half casts too now!!!

Jodi said...

Her feet look great! Hope you 2 have a nice time together while you're there :)