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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter day and growing!

Watching our Easter JibJab card :)

Opening gifts from Grammy and Grampy

Then we follow the clues!! Danny has to read the clues out loud!

As they go all around the house! 

Don't touch the clues!!

The final clue had a DVD they wanted!

First real bike ride!! and very happy about it!

I am ready!!

yes, I was the caboose :)

Danny helped Nana with our Easter dinner :)

Nana all dressed up for us :)

OMG! In 1 week they doubled in size and are now making their chrysalis'

The lady bugs are now doubled in size too and stuck to the glass to change!!

Does anyone else have to do this to a pizza so everyone is happy?!?!?
Ms V has been sick the last 2 days, fevers on and off and oh so cranky!!
She has come into bed with us the last 2 nights. We have been doing medicine and it goes away for a while and then comes back. Her temp has been high as 103.8 :(
She likes to sleep right next to me, so needless to say I have not had much sleep!
Gerri and I head to Philly Friday am and come home Monday evening so she can have 2 casts.
It is SO hard to fit everything in when I am only home a couple of days!! This is so exhausting :(
I am so happy that we have 2 long weekends and then are off for 3 weeks then off for the summer!!

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Mel said...

Awwww... I hope Ms V feels better soon!! I hate it when the littles are sick!! :( Looks like you had a nice Easter!! Hard to believe that Gerri has been home a year... :)