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Friday, April 22, 2011

Back at Philly!

We left home at 4:30 am :)  We missed the first parking shuttle and had to wait for the next (20 mins) then when we got to security they were training a new person and a family in front of us had 5 kids and did not seem to know what they were doing, had water in several bags, etc. It took us 40 minutes to get through. We RAN to our gate and they had just shut the door. The attendant was SO nice, she called on her radio to say she had frequent fliers coming through!! She didn't even scan our boarding passes. She said she even knew our names :) (guess that is how you know you are traveling a lot!!)
They opened the door, took Gerri from me, folded our stroller and helped me on board. We were in the air in ten minutes!! I was still breathing hard from running through the airport!! I LOVE US Airways!
I decided to rent a car since we were getting in so early and also rented a gps. It turns out to be much cheaper than having to take taxi's. It was nice to have our own wheels!!
We didn't have a room at either rmh yet so we went to one that we had friends at to kill time.
We went to front & erie st and interrupted the Reed's during school time, but the kids did not mind :)

Having fun with Gracie and Bryson

"playing" a lady bug game

She is still fascinated with the trains :)
While hanging around I checked at the front desk every once in a while and still nothing.
We decided to go to Target since Bryson needed a little treat. As we were leaving I told them that we were going out but would be back, then a lady walked up and said they were checking out!! Talk about timing!!! We were next on the list and got our room!! :)
We went for a ride to Target, so silly!

The girls had so much fun together

Bryson cleaning up a mess :( He is still learning sisters LOVE to tattle!

The volunteers with the kids after dinner
We had the most awesome dinner! Turkey, ham, stuffing, loads of veggies, mac n cheese, cranberry sauce, buffalo wings and rolls :)
We had a big treat after dinner - therapy dogs!!
The therapy dogs came to visit - so big!! so sweet!!

This dog is much older and so sweet and laidback

Gracie LOVED the dogs!! (this is the puppy!!)

Ms Monroe finally arrived and the doggy was happy

Gerri LOVES Monroe!!

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