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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Packing again!

Duct tape before going back to school!!

Her casts get SO chewed up!

Danny's new big bike!!
 Danny was SO excited about his new bike. He had a hard time getting used to it. After his first lap down the street he wa sobbing:

Victoria ran to his side to hug him and tell him it was ok
 I hugged him and asked him what was wrong. He said, it is my first time it is hard! I asked, did you get hurt? fall down? not like it?? no was his answer. I said do you want to try again? he said yes!

Trying to race her brother!

The smile says it all!!

Gerri gets her own ride back to the house :)

Modeling their new helmets and showing off their phones!

Head to head competition
Yes, I am packing today for our next trip to Philly!! We leave tomorrow and get home Saturday.
I still have not heard back on her xrays, so I guess we will find out Friday!
Victoria is going with us and the girls are already planning on what they will play with!!
We are meeting another AMC family, the Reed's. I am SO excited!! Sally and I have been email buddies for almost 5 years!!! We met while using the same agency in Guatemala in 2006!!!

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Sally-Girl! said...

Leaving in 6 hours and haven't made it to bed yet!!! YIKES, long day tomorrow!!!