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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

I mentioned on a prior post about having to wait to be able to get Gerri a walker. I had a wonderful RR family contact me and say they had one!! As with getting a wheelchair, we have been blessed beyond measure!! Look what came in the mail yesterday!!

Victoria was just about bursting waiting for Gerri to get home from school!
Gerri used it the entire afternoon and evening!

We are still waiting on the ortho dr to do the script for her walker and forearm attachments! So I called and left another message to let them know that we were blessed with one, now we just need the script for the forearm attachments (to keep Gerri from putting too much pressure on her wrists)
We are still waiting on the ortho office to do the lift for her left foot. I went out to a shoe store and BOUGHT 2 adjustable kids lifts and we taped them to her AFO.
Ingenuity - yes, ticked off at the ortho office - yes!
But Gerri is SO happy and that is what matters!!!!!
Luckily only a couple of more days of school and then she will be using it every day to prepare for taking it to school after the first of the year!
Thank you Maggie!!


David and Carolyn said...

Miss Gerri we are so happy for this early Christmas blessing that arrived. You're going to be running before we know it. This made me so happy to see on you walking Mama's blog today!!!
Madeline's mama

Sally-Girl! said...

You are a blessed mama in so many ways!!!!

Love ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do Gerri has to have the lift in her AFO and not on her shoe instead?. What show size is Gerri?


Anonymous said...

I mean shoe


Jennifer said...

What a great gift for both of you :)
Looks like she just loves her gift!
Jenn :)