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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Very Very Big Day!!

We have had some rough days lately. I think Gerri has been a bit depressed, she is SO over this casting thing. Her muscle have atrophied and she is very weak.
We did get a smile when the cast tech started removing her cast.

Her AFO's!!! They were formed while she was in the OR. Unfortunately they forgot the lift for the left one so we will have to wait for that :(

She kept rubbing her feet and saying look!!

This is what her tenotomy scars look like

Her left ankle will probably require another cast in the future, but for now we walk!

She was SO happy to try on her AFO's and sit in her chair. I had brought different sized shoes but the AFO's are so bulky that none fit except Danny's slippers :)

The cast tech had to shorten the AFO's as they were WAY too long

Then the doc finally came in (2 hours later!)
and proceeded to remove her stitches (youch!)

Then she got her hand splints!!!

Then we ran out and bought her new princess sneakers!!!

Where we started - a reminder :)                                          Standing in the car and oh SO happy!!!

                                               She was so excited to surprise her brother and sister :)

Unfortunately we don't have the walker yet, the dr asst was waiting on the ins referral and didn't check the status till yesterday when I called to inquire and it turns out we don't need a referral!! :(

The kids were SO excited to bath together!! The girls took a nice long one :)
Her attitude has changed tremendously!!!


Sally-Girl! said...

What a sweet sight to see her in shoes, princess shoes at that!!!!!

Your text photo did my heart good today!!!

Mel said...

I just can NOT get over how grown up all of the kids look!! YAY for Gerri's progress!! I hope that it continues to go well for her!! God is good!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at that girl with her princess shoes!! So happy for her and for you. Her feet look AMAZING

molette said...

I am so happy for her! What life changing moment (AGAIN!)!

maggie said...

Wow, she looks great. Congratulations. We have Ilona's old walker (well, actually it is brand new) Would you like it?


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Miss Gerri, I'm a blog follower since EE orphan visits. We were in Orlando on Thanksgiving week and thinking of your adorable kids all the time, knowing we were pretty close to you. I'm glad Gerri is changing for good.


Jodi said...

When I see the 'before' picture and then see her STANDING in her AFO's....I just shake my head in amazement!

And her smile says it all :)

Jill said...

WOW!!! The change absolutely incredible! Brings tears to my eyes. :-) Hooray for the pink princess shoes!!!

There is a little one that I see everyday that scoots everywhere on his hinder b/c his feet "don't work". Cutest little thing. He needs a family like Gerri!

MoonDog said...

oh she has grown and changed so much!! such a beauty!! thanks for posting this as we have tenotomies scheduled for sophie AND ben on friday. hug that girl for me. you are so lucky to get to keep her!!!

April said...

Wow, so happy for Gerri! The before and after pictures are amazing. She looks so happy to be back to her bubble bath!

Anonymous said...

Love your new shoes Gerri! Thrilled for you! Kim L

Michelle said...

hi Nan - I'm sorry but Mary never had a walker. I hope you find one asap.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!