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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On our way!!!

Hanging around at the airport, waiting for our plane to come in

It dawned on me when we got on the plane that the LAST time either of us was on a plane was 4/3/10 when we flew HOME from Ukraine!! We both chilled on the short flight listening to our Ipods.
We took a taxi to the the Ronald McDonald House and I said to Gerri do you remember the last time we rode in a taxi?? She could not remember, it was in Ukraine!!

Gerri LOVED the train set in the lobby

Nice room!!

Hanging out while I put things away
Grab bars everywhere! shower seat came in handy tonight!

She couldn't believe how many things I brought for her!
Relaxin while I check emails :)
Had to lay on the BIG pillow on the game room floor! They have xbox and PS2!!
so so cool!! and in the lobby too
It is made of parts of toys - Gerri was fascinated!

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Part of the play room right off the kitchen!
More of the huge playroom!
Playing cashier!!
A little bit of dress up!
A small section of the kitchen! A large group of volunteers started getting dinner ready :)
Gerri put her puzzles together they gave her at the front desk
A little bit of arts and crafts - her favorite thing!!
Her crafts!! Valentines for Danny, Victoria and Daddy!
We had a wonderful dinner!! Then relaxed, Gerri took a shower, settled into bed and watched Rapunzel.
Gerri is a bit nervous, not that she told me :) but I caught her chewing on her nails.
We called home so she could talk to everyone. So funny to hear them talk to each other. All they asked is "what are you doing" "what did you do today" " what did you eat" :)
Please pray for tomorrow, for whatever we hear.
I will let you all know as soon as I can!!
Please pray for no snow!! We fly out very early on Tuesday.


Jennifer Lane said...

Prayers going up for you all! Lots of Love!

Tracey S. said...

So glad you got in at Front & Erie House! Love that place! We stayed there 30 days straight in '09! Praying your news tomorrow isn't awful but hopeful!

Jill said...

Praying for a good appt tomorrow and wisdom for the doctors!

Kelly said...

Praying you will receive encouraging news at your appt!

Jodi said...

thinking of you :)

Jennifer said...

Praying for good news :)