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Friday, January 7, 2011

Finding a new way to make lifts!

We set up an assembly line to do 3 more pairs of shoes for Gerri.

We brainstormed how we could make it lighter and bought some light weight wood and some peel and stick non-slip tread :)

I thought it would be better to paint the wood :)

Here are the 3 pairs of shoes all done!

The non-slip tread

Lined up for Gerri to see

Very excited!!!

We decided to redo the first heavy shoe and all the kids "helped"

Gerri helped sweep up the saw dust

We relaxed with some new puzzles

Then did some sticker foam pages

I bought some stickers and some spray finish and did the kids' dressers
The girls have the same stickers, just in different places

Gerri wanted poufy hair like victoria and I :) So I braided it while wet

how cute!

This morning!! She was SO excited!

All ready for school

Gerri walked out to the bus, then walked up the stairs of the bus!!! Everyone on the bus cheered!!!
woo hoo!!


Lisa said...

You guys are so creative in finding solutions for Gerri! So happy to hear about her walking out to the bus and up the steps!! What a moment that must have been :).

Jodi said...

Well THAT post brought a smile to my face :)

Those shoes are really amazing!!!

AWESOME job both of you!

you know, you could market those for kids with similar needs ;)

Loren said...

Great job with the lifts! Does Gerri need them because one leg is shorter than the other, or because she can't straighten one leg?

Jennifer said...

Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Milana really loves the shoes. She is sitting beside me signing shoes. (This girl has a bit of a shoe fettish).

I love Gerri's hair. So cute :)

Faith for Hope said...

I ditto the other comments.... awesome shoes and very creative!!!!!
She's doing so well. Love her smile! ~ Grace