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Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Party :)

Ms V was invited to a party and they had DONKEYS!!!
Ms V could NOT leave the donkeys!

Every time I could not find her she was here!
Gerri thought they were horses :)

They both did the swings and slide!

There was a magician, and the kids got to spin plates!!

How long do I have to do this? Her buddy is waiting in the background

They got to do hula hoops too!

The birthday girl was the center of attention!

She pulled colors out of the bag to paint a picture!
She got a dog :)

He juggled!!

And juggled - rolling them around his back!

And juggled!!

He juggled red balls and then caught them in baskets around his waist

He used this really cool toy, like a yo yo
Typical guy - he had several, each bigger than the last one! He threw them WAY up high!
Juggling fire was awesome!

They made a balloon turn into a rabbit!!

He then made balloon things for everyone

The girls had flowers made!!
they also had a little doggie that was a big hit!
The kids also did a zip line!!

The boys had boy time :) finishing up Danny's pine derby car and target practice with his bb.
It took a couple of days to post this, the party was Saturday. Both Gerri and Victoria got fevers Saturday night :( Gerri's was not too bad, but Ms V's was up to 103!! So both laid low Sunday with lots of fluids and tylenol.
I got a really bad toothache Saturday night and ended up at the dentist today. Nothing worse than a root canal, except having to have a root canal redone!!and now I have an absess :( and the tooth has a cap on it! ARGH!
Dan had to have a root canal redone this am and now I have to go to the oral surgeon tomorrow!
and yes, the same dentist did the root canal's years ago in a different city!
But danny is doing good!! :)

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Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

I love the girls with the donkey!!! So sweet!!! :)

I hope your tooth feels better. :(