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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

we are home!!!!

Watching the De-Icers at work!!! fascinating!!

Chillin out watching Cars!

I thought she was being very quiet! She was so tired she slept the whole flight :)

I woke up about 4:30 this morning and couldn't figure out why, then realized Gerri was moaning in her sleep. She was hurting from the adjustments they made to her AFO's yesterday. She was actually crying while she was sleeping. I actually heard her call out for me :) :) I crept over to the bed and loosened the new straps a bit and she finally fell back to sleep till the alarm went off at 5:15 :( We quietly cleaned up our room, finished packing and stripping the beds and I called the taxi for pick up. We went down to the kitchen where I made some fresh coffee and ate toast while Gerri ate cereal. I could tell she was still hurting, but kept telling me she did not. I had not brought ANY pain meds, she has never needed them. I took one of my aleve pills and chopped it up into 6 little pieces and gave her one. Just as the coffee was finishing up the taxi showed up!!!
We were lucky that it was not snowing and the sleet was not bad yet. The taxi driver drove very carefully and we never slipped once! Once through security I saw heaven!! dunk*n d*nuts!!!!!!
They let us board the plane first so we had time for Gerri to walk down the aisle.
I asked her if she felt better since I gave her medicine and she smiled and said yes. I told her that mommies and daddies take care of booboos, that is our job. She laughed and smiled. Still building that trust!!
We had to be de-iced and Gerri was just fascinated!! Everyone around us was listening to her running commentary about the different colors coming out of the nozzle :)
We were not up in the air very long before she fell sound asleep and slept the whole flight without twitching once!!
We stopped at Mcd's for lunch cause we were starving, then went to pick up Ms V at school. I wish I had my camera for her reaction cause it was priceless!! Victoria came running over to me to hug me screaming the whole way! then almost knocked Gerri to her feet!! OMG they were so cute hugging and kissing each other!!
Once home we (I) unpacked, Gerri showed everyone her goodies and then the girls and I went into the hot tub to chill. I watched Gerri relax and her feet felt so much better!!!

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Sally-Girl! said...

Glad you are home!!!!