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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

so so close!!!

valentine's gifts :) princess dresses and electronic drum sticks!!
Nana made a fancy dessert - individual baked alaska's

This is yummy!!!
yes I wear it well!!  Gerri was helping me in the other room :)

We sold our piano - very sad moment seeing it go out the door :(
We are working on decluttering & painting the house. Once our boat sells we will be listing the house to move back up north where all of our family lives. I had a very emotional attachment to my piano, but have not played it in a very very long time. We tried to donate it to the kids school or Ms V's preschool but no one wanted it. I posted it on Cr*aiglist along with our old corner tv stand and both sold within a couple of hours!!!! I thought it would be so hard to see it go, but the couple that bought it SO deserved it!!  They obviously did not have much money and when he saw the piano he asked to play it and OMG! he played so amazingly! We all had tears in our eyes! I was so happy we charged so little that he could afford it!
We helped them take it out.

We then had to redo the music/computer room to just the computer room. Dan had to take his stuff off the walls. Victoria took this photo of Dan wearing his old Army helmet:
And yes, that is paint all over his shirt!
of course, she had to try it on too!

 This was taken tonight!! Gerri was SO excited about wearing her princess shoes and dancing for the first time. (I had to tape them on her AFO's :) :) )

We leave Saturday for a week's family vacation and the kids are counting down constantly.
 I had planned on packing on Friday but discovered today that the kids are all off!

Gerri is SO excited about going away but has NO idea of what it means.
We cannot wait to see her face when she discovers what it means to be on vacation at an island resort! to be able to play in the sand, swim in the pools, eat at different restaurants, play with her cousins, aunts and uncles and Grammy and Grampy for a whole week!

Big prayer request please!!! one of my families got sad news about their child waiting in EE today!! please, please pray for this child!! thanks! :)


David and Carolyn said...

Have a WONDERFUL VACATION. You all deserve it! Tell Dan Thank you for serving our country too! Praying for the family and the child in EE.

Jodi said... you're really doing it.

So much for having my Florida Buddy.

But... happy for you too :) :)

Jodi said...

by the way...

cute video :)

Did miss V get a haircut?

And you got some good music going on in the background :) I can tell we're close in age....ha haa