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Monday, February 21, 2011

Second day in T&C :)

Uncle Mike caught a gecko and just fascinated Ms Gerri
 Today we went on a trip :)
So happy to sit with Auntie Carla

Ms V and her favorite cousin Nicole

The boys chillin

Loading up on the pontoon boat

Going fast!

First stop - iguana island!

We saw a couple of these :)

Walked along the very pretty beach

Gerri had helping hands all day :)

We stopped to snorkle and the girls loved watching everyone

The glass bottom portion of the boat so we did not all have to get wet!

Dan made a big splash, much to the kids delight!

Uncles and cousins snorkling

Then we went to a different beach to collect shells

Grammy brought a bag and the girls felt the need to fill it!!

It was GREAT OT and PT :) :)

LOVE this pic!! Sharing a snack as we head back to land!!

The girls had to show everyone their booty!

The ride back to the resort was nap time!

A quick lunch and then the beach!

some swimming!!

lots of castle and animal building!!
Gerri loved Uncle Mike's turtle

Dinner was at Cricketeers British Pub!

beautiful bar

showing off!

the kids loved getting their meal this way!

a rustic ceasar salad!!

Ending the night at the ice cream place :)

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Loren said...

What a wonderful holiday, and the kids are adorable! Stuck here in dismal London, I am so jealous! ;)