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Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is the best day ever!!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed on our first flight to Miami!!

Dan & I were up at 3:30, the kids were loaded in the car at 4:30 for the drive to the airport. They did sleep some, but it was still only 5:30 when we had to unload the car and shuttle to the airport

So excited about vacation!!

Sitting in the airport in Miami watching it*nes cartoons

Here are the girls about 15 minutes into our second flight :)

how beautiful is that water!!

getting closer :)

waiting for our luggage

in the taxi going to the resort

the entrance :)

having some lunch cause we were SO hungry!!

The locally brewed beer - it is great!!
Getting in a quick swim while we wait for the rest of the party!!

Even in a heated pool  Geri got cold :( Grammy helped warm her up!

Danny giving cousin Nicole a flower  :)

The girls were SO excited to see cousin Nicole!!

Teasing Grammy!!
We had a very long day today!! But all were troopers!!
To explain the blog title:
As we were landing in T*rks and Ca*cos I was sitting with the girls and we were looking at the beautiful water and islands and Gerri yelled out "oh mom! this is the best day ever!!"
It was SO darn cute!! everyone around us was laughing so loud!! She had no idea how cute that was!
I told her just you wait till later when Grampy and Grammy and Aunties and Uncles and Cousins showed up!!! She could not wait to show them all that she could walk!  We arrived early, checked in and had a great lunch. We waited around for the rest to show up, and waited and waited. turns out their plane was delayed a half hour, which in kid time is FOREVA!
Once they did arrive there were kisses all around and then we headed to the pool!
All the kids seemed to have forgotten how to swim and it took them a bit to remember. Gerri has not been swimming at all, except the hot tub, since her feet have been fixed. I had to keep telling her to kick her legs and feet. They all had so much fun when everyone else showed up at the pool.
We all went back to the buffet for dinner and Danny ate and ate! The girls ate what I gave them but they were fading fast. Victoria kept asking if we could go back to the room and go to bed :)
Needless to say all the kids were sound asleep by 8:00 and Dan was not far behind!


Megan said...

Beaches resorts are my absolute favorite! Have a wonderful time!

Sally-Girl! said...

So happy for you and at the same time so jealous!!!