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Sunday, February 20, 2011

first full day in paradise!

start off in the hot tub!

one of the pools with swim up kids grill

slides that go into that pool

really cool restaurant beside the pool

kids pirate park

watch me Grampy!

Victoria and Gerri running around

trying to get ms V to do the lazy river

Danny loved the lazy river!

Gerri and I did it!
 The water was pretty cool here and all 3 kids were cold so we headed off on our own to the Italian pool that is heated. I didn't take any pics cause I swam with them the whole time.
Gerri is a bit under the weather  :( I think partly from all the excitement, the not knowing what is going on, so so much to do!! She has a bit of a heat rash and fever :(
But the pizza for lunch was delish! both girls ate 2 slices! Danny 3!

Ms V cried about going home and missing her dogs and then passed out!

I took Danny down to the beach to play with his cousins

while the rest napped :) :)

The girls were very happy to play at the beach!

a photog came by so I snapped pics over her head!

LOVE this pic!

Another sweet one!

everyone got into the castle building business

pretty big!!

This is what Danny lost while at dinner!!! a tooth!!

After ice cream we watched the cookie monster do the chicken dance!

mesmerized by the whole thing! But no one would go up on stage :)
Full day swimming and playing and everyone is exhausted!!


Jennifer said...

Looks & sounds like you guys are having a blast! I hope Gerri feels better :)

Keysands said...

Holy Shmoly that looks like FUN!

...but I thought you already LIVED in paradise?!?!