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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wow!! Is it Friday already?!?!?!

Nana brought cookies and gel to decorate!!

This is the quick way to pick up a puzzle when you are done!

Dan & I have been very busy all week painting - check out the difference in color!
The finished wall in the kitchen-way too much cutting in!!

The completed kitchen - SO much lighter now

We created a count down to our family vacation!!

Do you require a princess today?!?!?!

Victoria has no school on Fridays so she HAD to help!

Alright dad - enough!! I am busy being an artist!

The completed front hall - way too much cutting in!!

The wall off the living room

the kids were so excited to come down this am and see our new TV stand
I think they were more excited that the TV was hooked up again :)

Everyone settling in to watch Sw*ss Family Robinson tonight!!
The week has just flown by!! I had Gerri's initial IEP meeting this week. I thought it was just a you have my permission to evaluate her, but it turned into 45 minutes of going through everything. The PT and OT are going to try to evaluate her before we go away on vacation. Then we hope to start services sometime this year :) I did learn that if she has her surgery during the school year we will qualify for home-bound tutoring!!
That is a huge weight off our shoulders.
I also had to have a recall service done on my minivan. When I called to schedule it I was told it would be 4 hours. When hubby dropped it off (cause I was at the IEP meeting) they told him 2-3 hours. I picked them up at the dealership, we dropped Ms V off at preschool and were halfway home when my phone rang and they said the van was done and come get it! Seriously?!?!?!?
Oh and by the way you really need to change your outer belts before they break. Both hubby and I chuckled at this cause any time I go there for service they always find something else!! I told them we were all set and we turned around to head back. Hubby dropped me off and headed home to start painting. They just would not let me leave, they pulled the mechanic out with a flashlight to show me how bad it was. I told them once again I was all set and they finally let me go. They made me nervous enough I stopped at our mechanic and he laughed when I told him. They are keeping an eye on my belt :)

Dan & I have spent our free time painting the down stairs. The old paint is just so dark and the walls look so much better, too bad the trim looks dirty now :(
We jumped in the hot tub early this morning cause we are just aching from all the climbing, bending over, kneeling, overhead work etc..... I couldn't even climb the stairs last night :) :)

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