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Friday, November 27, 2009

happy turkey day and day after!

The kids fingerpainting art project

Grampy preparing the bird

Playing in the fort with Grammy

We painted the windows!

The "art" gallery in the front hall

Mom and I setting the table

The guys taking care of the bird

mom and dad checking out the bird

We all sat down to dinner, Danny led us in saying grace.
Then we asked him what he was thankful for and he responded very quietly "my family" :)
We then raised our glasses to toast our families, those with us, those not with us and a special toast to Svetlana who will be with us next year!!
No pictures from dinner as we were all too busy eating :)

Today was a quiet day.
Victoria and Grampy watching "Cars" before lunch

Danny being silly at time out

"Sharing" a lolly with Grampy

Catch me Grampy!!

Family Movie time "Frosty"

Ms V is still sick :( she has not been sleepting well either, which makes it worse.
(which makes me very tired too)

Grampy and Grammy go home tomorrow so it will be a sad day :(

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