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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post holiday Hangover

Saturday monring with Grampy getting ready to walk the dogs

The other two patiently waiting!

Yes, it was cold and we had the fire going :)

Ready to go to the airport, but still not feeling good :(

We drove Grammy and Grampy to the airport Saturday. Danny did great till it was time to say goodbye. He was sobbing so hard he could not talk :( He just kept saying that he wanted them to live near us and walk the dogs every day. He was really out of sorts that night and Sunday.

Here is Danny and Lexie just sitting in the back yard Sunday. Victoria was napping and Danny was sent outside to chill out. He sat out there for quite a while talking to Lexie :)

We will probably need to bring Ms V to the pediatrician tomorrow, she is still not feeling good and is now sounding really croupy :( Luckily Danny goes back to school tomorrow.

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Jodi said...

Love the dogs! Relaxing in front of the fire, what a life!!