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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Very long day :(

Playing in the backyard on july 4th

consulting :)

We were eating dinner when Danny said he could hear a parade, we told him no, man - he was RIGHT!!

looking over the fence in the back yard!

The parade went on and on!! lots of locals :) slightly inebriated :)

Ms V having her milk in the am with the dogs :)
 We spent 1/2 of Saturday at the home inspection. Nana and my sister went to see the house. The kids were SO excited to finally see it. They were all over the place, so we sent them to auntie's house to play and swim. Dan and I and our brother-in-law stayed for the whole  4 hours of the inspection. We learned ALOT about the home that we would never have thought to look for. There are some BIG dollar, major and safety issues that HAVE to be fixed. The inspector could not even get to all the systems to check. We were SO shocked! Needless to say we are SO thankful that we had the home inspection done!!!
When we got back to my sister's the kids had swum, ate, and were playing  wii. Then little pet shop came out!!

they had SO much fun!!!
Thank you Auntie and Nana for watching the kids so we could focus on the inspection!!
Dan and I had a very restless night. We knew what the right answer was, it was a matter of giving up the beautiful looking house :( But it is so much better to know now then later for sure!!!!

So we woke up today and went online to MLS and printed a bunch of open houses and available houses, loaded the kids up and spent 1/2 the day driving by and going into open houses. :) It is amazing how quickly you can rule a house out by the location, the yard, the obvious lack of maintenance or smell! :(

Tomorrow is Cast-off day!!!!!!!  Gerri and I leave VERY early to fly to Philly to have her cast taken off!! and get her new AFO's!!! To say she is excited is an understatement :) She cannot wait to swim!!!


MoonDog said...

why not just ask the current owner to fix the stuff before close? thats what we did.

Diana said...

That's what I would do, too. If you give them a copy of the inspection and get bids on what it will cost to fix all the problems, you can take that back to the sellers and renegotiate the deal. Plus, if you give them a copy of the inspection, they then legally HAVE to disclose the problems to any potential new buyers, who will most likely make them fix them they might as well fix them for you and sell the place!

You can negotiate it one of several ways...they fix it before closing (most time consuming and least sure thing and can affect or even stop your new loan from going through, which is a huge deal unless you're fortunate enough to be able to pay cash.) Or, you leave the agreed upon price the same and request the money back at closing (money based on bids) to fix all the problems. That way it comes out of their equity, not up front cash, and may well be more agreeable to them. That would be my favorite option, personally...but it may be tricky to close the deal that way if we're talking 5 digits that you want back. Or, you can simply reduce the amount of the house by the amount of the bids plus several thousand more, put less down if you have to, and pay for the repairs yourself and have a much smaller mortgage long term.

But, if the answer is still move on, then by all means, listen to that answer and good luck house hunting. Moving is SUCH a pain!