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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping ourselves busy!!

On Tuesday we spent the day with our realtor, we saw a house that we were supposed to see last week and were too tired to see. We quickly went through it Sunday at the open house and decided we needed to see it without kids running around. We called on Grammy to babysit and they spent a great hour at the park running around and getting sweaty while we checked everything we could on this new house. This house is much more liveable for us, the living is all on 1 level, with LOTS (I mean LOTS) of storage underneath. We have the home inspection this am and hope that there is nothing major. We have no problem with having to fix stuff or having the sellers fix stuff, we just do not want to get into a house that has SO many issues with ALL the major systems, forget what we cannot see.
We had lunch with Grammy and then went to the realtor's office to make an offer on this house.
On the way home we had this:

Grammy pooped them all out at the playground!! The really cool thing is the big playground and wading pool is only a mile from the house!
When we got back to the house we got our bathing suits on and went for a swim!
How cute is this:
sister help!!

proof they went into the very cold water!!! sorry it is blurry :(

then we pulled out the old sparklers found under one of the beds

I will post pictures of the house once we know for sure it is a keeper :) :)
Nana is taking the kids to the same playground, this time armed with bathing suits for the pool!!
Funny thing is the sellers are retiring and moving to FL!! :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Hope you get the house! Just curious why do you have the straps on Gerri's braces outside of bedtime? Did I miss the memo???

Hanna said...

Hope you are happy with the house you like. Sorry about the first house but glad you found out before too late.