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Thursday, July 7, 2011

We got it!!

Front of the house!! it is on 2 acres!

back of the house

hand made front entry doors - from Mexico :)

hand made Mexican doors that go into the kitchen from the living room

living room - with fireplace

dining room

kitchen with all new appliances and hand made Mexican tiles :)

Sun room overlooking the decks and backyard

master bedroom

master bath with jacuzzi tub and lots of handmade tile

downstairs family room, there is a double sided fireplace to the right

mud room/laundry room from the garage into the house

second bath upstairs

studio now, will be playroom!! :)
We went back and forth all day, finally came to an agreement at 9:00 tonight. Just need to make it through the home inspection on Saturday with NO major issues!!!!
We are all going over for the inspection, the kids are dying to see it!!!
We are SO excited!!! We hope to close in 5 weeks!
As you can guess the house was custom built by an interior designer from Mexico. She actually handpicked every tile and every brick herself!!! She had much of the finishing touches made in Mexico and shipped to the US. The detailing is amazing!!


Kris said...

Oh wow! What a find! Congrats!

Melissa said...

Nancy, what a BEAUTIFUL home! Congratulations : )

Jodi said...

2 words.


I just turned totally GREEN here ;) That is one AMAZING house!

I know you guys will just love it!

Diana said...

Likey likey!! Hope you can get settled soon.

Jennifer Lane said...

Love it! Congratulations!!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Love it, but most jealous over the mud/laundry room!!!

Hanna said...

Wow what a beautiful house! Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

It is beautiful!!! I love it! Congratulations :)

Kylie Mc said...

gorgeous! congrats! :)

Mary said...

completely gorgeous!!!!! Enjoy!

Jo's Corner said...

Lovely home for a lovely family!!

Anonymous said...!!

So happy for you, and just a touch green!

Susan in Ky
Cousin to from U.

Life with an Angel from Above said...

Amazing house! Congrats!

Molly said...

so... where's MY room?

jk (sort of)

GORGEOUS house. congrats!

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