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Monday, August 1, 2011

Our new house!!

or it will be in about 2 weeks :)
Front of the house
 The living area is ALL on one floor , which is SO great for Gerri and me!
walk into the kitchen (french doors go into the family room)

standing in the kitchen looking towards living room

Living room

Dining Room now - will be desk/tv area

Breakfast nook now - will be our dining area

Family Room (Dan calls it the football room)

Backyard looking towards the house (family room)

side porch - go into door and there is 1/2 bath

the back yard! :) (fully fenced)

Office now - will be Danny's room

second master bedroom now - will be the girls room
we are having the carpet replaced

the kids shared bath (on the left is a handicap accessible shower!)

tub in kids room

the master bedroom :)
we are replacing the carpet here too

Master bathroom

master shower

back of the house - 3 car garage :)

LOTS of storage areas!! the pool area is above.

Danny's new bedroom furniture
we swapped out the mirror/chest for a night stand

The girls' new furniture (not the mirror/chest)
besides their new furniture - this is what the kids are dying for!!

our new very comfortable sofa!! This is what Dan & I are looking forward to!
Besides our king sized bed!!

We ALL cannot wait to close on the house and have our space! and our own furniture!
We have lots going on getting ready to move. We have everything lined up to happen so I figure something will happen to screw it up :)
I cannot wait till we are settled in and can get into a routine again, the kids are all acting up :(
Everyone's patience has run out. We are counting down on a paperchain to help us get through it :)


Jodi said...

nice!!!! a one level house in definitely in our future too!!!

Hope you get in there quick! :)

Sarah said...

Love it all to pieces!! I want to see how you style the sectional. ...where you put it in the room, what accessories go with it and around it, etc....If we ever get a certain little princess home and have some extra funds we plan to get a sectional just like that :)

Becky said...


Carla Dobs said...

So happy you will all be in soon! The house looks perfect for your family!