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Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!! and Irene WHO????

Dan's daughter Tracy brought us a very tasty triple chocolate cake!

We bbq'd and swam :)

And dove in and jumped in (and barked)

Then Tuesday was my sister's 25th wedding anniversary :)

woo hoo!! congrats!

all the grandkids together :) :)

food is out!

believe it or not the kitchen is big :)

the kids had their own area outside and it was also decorated
 Nana baked and baked!! we had ziti, chicken and pork parm and chicken fricassee :) :) yummy!!
her cake - chocolate whoopie pie :)

his cake - boston creme pie!!

the kids played outside with their glow sticks

the happy couple :) :)

younger sister acting up as usual :)

yesterday was new student orientation, the asst principal took us all around the whole school!!

this is what we found this am when we woke up :)
she said Gerri was snoring too loud!
And just to make Dan absolutely crazy!!!!! Here comes Irene!!

As all who know us (and Dan) he is in what I like to affectionately call "chicken little" mode. We have taken in all of our outside furniture. He just got sand bags at the DPW. The generator has been fueled up and we have 4 gas cans full. We just got water and milk. We are all set :) :)

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