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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Killing time :)

Sissy Tracy came by to visit and had to get dolled up for lunch :)

We have been doing school outside

lots of show and tell :)

we have been learning how to do cartwheels

needed a little bit of help :)

LOTS of dancing!

Had to check daddy's feet for boo boos

dog walks and swims daily

got Dany a special treat

kids were fascinated!! Danny would NOT go near it :)

Ready to eat!

Victoria liked it!

Then they had to throw the shells into the water and watch the sea gulls dive down to take it

We drove by to visit our old house!

stopped by to look at the harbors and ocean

Marblehead Light and park :)

looking for shells

found some!

love it!!
We are oh so patiently waiting till our closing date next Wednesday :)
It seems the Seller's have suddenly discovered they have a lot to do in a very short time. I guess the 2 vacations that they took in the last 2 weeks has caused a time crunch, who would have thought it?!?!?
We tried to get the closing moved up a day or so as our mortgage docs are ready, but the sellers are refusing, following the contract. We asked to get in to do some measurements and check some things and were told they were too busy and did not have the time for us. I had to get our attorney involved since by contract we have 4 allowed visits. We were supposed to go today with a window guy and they kept changing the time so we asked them to give us a time tomorrow when we can come and copied the atty on the email. They wanted to have a welcome to the neighborhood party for us and it kept changing dates and times too and turned into their farewell party. So we have been totally frustrated trying to plan anything. They don't understand that we have to arrange child care :(
They have movers coming on Monday and are SO not ready and totally panicing.
When we mentioned getting a dumpster to them weeks ago both Sellers thought we were crazy, so guess what is being delivered tomorrow?? a dumpster :)
I try to feel bad for them, but come on!! to think they are going to pack a house in less than 1 week?
They have SO much stuff in the house, attic, garage and storage sheds it is amazing and scary.
Dan figures we will get stuck cleaning a bunch of stuff out ourselves. We will have our walk thru on Tuesday afternoon, cause they need the whole day to clean. If there is anything left we will have to have a holdback of their funds at closing.
We have asked our atty to have our docs ready to go on Tuesday end of day so we can sign as soon as we walk. Then Wednesday am the sellers will sign and we will get the keys and head over.

It has been totally frustrating and we just keep saying 6 more days and we will be there and they can't do anything!!

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