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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Very Big Day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the BIG day :) We sign papers and move into our new house!!!
We spent today packing and cleaning the rental house and working on closing issues, but we are all set now. The time had to be pushed back since the mortgage co made a mistake on the docs, but we will still have things going on at the house while we wait to sign.
We will miss our little (LITTLE) old (OLD) house near the ocean a bit:)

The dogs have walked every day and swam every day!

Saturday was our meeting/lunch with the sellers.
Gerri and Danny were with Grampy and Grammy on the boat, so there was just 3 of us.
Saving all her energy for the visit
 We ended up spending 3 hours with the sellers and it went great! We had pizza, walked the whole house and best of all they had movers packing all their stuff!! They have made a lot of progress and the movers were working till they had the house fully packed and the moving van comes on Monday am. The Sellers are really pushing to close Wednesday too as they have to leave Thursday am to drive both vehicles to FL to meet the moving truck. Victoria was so good :)
We then went to my sister's house and we all decided we needed to go out for Mexican :)
Playing a seek book while waiting to sit

all the grandkids but 2 (danny and gerri)
 On Sunday we did our big shop, it was the tax free weekend in MA and we had lots of big stuff to buy. So I went to Target and bought lots of good stuff and then met Dan and Victoria at HomeDep*t to buy the rest of the stuff we needed. We saved SO much money it was amazing!! Add to that the Home Dep*t 10% military credit - woo hoo!!! We have run out of room in the trailer so we were able to store some of it in my sister's cellar. my brother in law will load it up with Dan's help tomorrow and will drive over to the house.
a muskrat trimming the weeds in my sister's backyard :)
The kids were fascinated - we have seen him twice now

If you look closely you will see a little bunny sticking his head out from under the shed :)
the girls tried to feed him carrots - no good :)
We headed out to pick up Danny and Gerri and meet Grampy and Grammy for dinner. We have eaten out SO much I dread unpacking the scale :(
Turns out it was a tough weekend for all :( Danny has been on the boat a couple of times and loves to help, so he got lots of good attention. Gerri had a very hard time with that and was totally misbehaving! :( She thought she was being cute, but it was not. I could tell by her face when we saw them at the restaurant that she didn't want to tell me. You know how it is, Grampy and Grammy let it slide at first cause it was cute and new, but then it got old. Gerri was really being fresh, being mean to Danny, just so wound up. :(
We had a long talk on the drive home and I told her how sad I was that she made some very bad choices, that we had talked before she even went about her behaviour and acting her age. I told her that for now she would not be going sailing with Grampy and Grammy till she could show she can make good decisions and act her age.
We will all be very happy once we are settling into our new house, with us all having space, our own rooms and furniture and a routine again. We have 3 weeks to get organized before school starts.
Pray for no rain tomorrow and no craziness and good behaviour!!
I am not sure when I will have internet again, Ver*zon is supposed to be at the house in the afternoon but of course they are on strike.

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Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

I've loved following your moving saga, but such a saga it is!! Very dramatic! Sorry for all of the bumps in the road, but the end is finally here!! Hope the transition goes smoothly. MA is so beautiful! My sister lives in Brookline, and I'm jealous! :)