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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visit with Nana and our new Friend!!

Last Sunday we headed over to Nana's for dinner. She had Danny for the weekend and we wanted Victoria to meet her new kitty.

My favorite photo!! the kids with Nana's new kitty:) They were ruthless, chasing the poor thing all over the house.

The kids keeping busy raking outside Nana's house

Victoria hiding in Nana's kitty carrier

Working out at Nana's, I think it might have been the first time the machine had been used in a while :) :)

Look how much the grass is growing!!

We met up with Ford and Aly and Ms Alyzabeth Wednesday. We were supposed to meet at a park but it was just too darn cold out so we met for lunch :)
Victoria was SO excited about seeing "Lizbeth" her friend :) :)

Hey look! It is my friend Alyzabeth!!!!!!

Keeping Ford and Aly busy :)

The girls going around the tables for a walk ;)


Don and Be said...

Cute pics. Victoria in the kitty carrier is a favorite. Ford, Aly & AA are a wonderful family. So good that you connected. We'll have to do the same .... after the holidays perhaps?
Happy Thanksgiving to your tribe.
Don, Be & JMei

Sally- That Girl! said...

Bryson saw me looking at your blog and came over as quickly as he could to see your kids!! It was so cute!!! Have to agree love little missy's cheeks!!! Dan probably thought you were referring to his, but sorry only little missy!