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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First playdate with Alyzabeth!

We have some new friends that live right across the river. They just got home from China several week ago with the most beautiful little girl. We were finally able to connect for a playdate.
Ms Alyzabeth is only a couple of weeks older than Victoria so it was really cool to have a playmate her age.

Danny showed Alyzabeth how to climb the rock wall and go down the slide. She was not too sure at first, but quickly learned how much fun it was!

Aly showing Alyzabeth how much fun bubbles are :)

Danny just LOVED Ms Alyzabeth :) Victoria is "flying" on the swing behind them :)

Aly pushes miss V on the swing.

Alyzabeth discovers that a swing is lots of fun!

Victoria just loved Ford!

Everyone playing with Ford, Alyzabeth really warmed up to everyone and loved the dogs.

Victoria playing with Ford and tickling daddy

Both kids keep asking when Alyzabeth is coming over again. Both said she is their friend :)

I had to go into the hospital to get a steroid shot in my hip joint for osteoarthritis, boy did it hurt! It gets done in radiology and the doctor could not believe I had not had it done before now.
I took this picture with my phone cause I could not believe it myself!
If you are squeamish don't look at this picture!

It has been a whole day and I am still a bit nauseous and the hip still hums a bit. I don't know how long till it feels really good, how good it will feel and how long it will last. I see the ortho again in two weeks so hopefully I will know better then. Both kids were fascinated by my bandage and bruise :)


Anonymous said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurt! Hope you are feeling better now.
And glad to know you all are making friends in Jax.


Sally- That Girl! said...

Yikes that does look painful! I have had them in my foot and it was no fun, but the hip!!!

Okay after your playdate is China calling you???

I put some of Danny's clothes in Bryson's suitcase and in his little dresser. You sent us his first boy clothes!!

Alyson & Ford said...

We had great fun! See you in a couple of days! Bundle up - cooler weather is here!

Alyzabeth's Mommy!

Janeybaby said...

Sorry I've been MIA -- 21 hours of overtime last week over a 3 day period trying to get budgets done. UGH! I'm like the walking dead.

Speaking of walking, haven't read ahead yet to see if your hip is better. Sure hope so. OUCH!