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Saturday, November 8, 2008

OMG is it Saturday already?!?!?!

Eyeballing Danny to make sure he does not touch her candy. He was excited to see how much she had and kept trying to get her to share :)

Pooped out after spending the weekend at Nana's. Nana's new kitty is very happy Danny had to go home :)

In my princess gown :)

It has been rough sleeping as Victoria keeps falling out of the toddler bed. The drop is only about 6 inches but she screams and will not go back to sleep till one of us goes up there resettles her. So we decided to just move her into a twin bed with a rail. This also makes it more comfortable for us if we have to be with her.
So I hit the base with Nana and found this:

how cool is this? It has a twin on top and a trundle and 3 drawers under. She still thinks she can't get out of it so we haven't needed to use the gate. (yet)
I sold her Princess toddler bed on Craigslist the day I listed it :)

Sleeping like a princess :)

Yah the sod is here!!!!!

Our new Carolina Rockers, we got two with a table and we ALL LOVE to sit on them and watch the neighborhood :)

The sod in place waiting for the guys to come

Watching the sod guys while I swing with my ponies :)
We turned her seat around so she could watch.

Pushing her ponies on the swing

They play so well together it is amazing!

I finally saw the spine specialist and he was really nice. He said that even though my spine is a mess, the pain I am having is not from it. He said if the spinal issues were causing me pain it would be on my left side. Since my hip pain is on the right side he says it is not related to the spine issues. He felt the first course of action is to try shooting a steroid in the hip joint and see if that takes care of the pain. I go next Tuesday for the shot and don't even want to think about the visual of a shot going into my hip joint while they xray it to make sure they get it in the right area. :( I see him two weeks after that for follow up.

I also got a call from my oncologist's office that my genetic testing for the breast cancer gene came back negative!! Of course he prefaces it with the test is for only 2 known genetic mutations and is sure there are more, they just have not been found yet. The good news is that my sisters don't need to worry now about getting tested. Somehow I thought I would be more relieved, but I think it would make more sense if I had the gene rather than think the cancer was just a fluke. I am a very logical person and it is easier to deal with agenetic reason rather than just fate.

Poor Dan - he went to the dentist on Wednesday because he had a toothache and ended up being there for 2 1/2 hours! Turns out a tooth he had a root canal done years ago wasn't completely cleaned out. Two of the roots were still in there and were infected and he had an absess. The dentist also found a wisdom tooth right next to it and pulled that too :( There was no way to save the tooth and he has a huge hole in his gum with several stitches. He is miserable :( :(

To top it all off my 4 month old dryer stopped working, no heat! Of course by the time I noticed the blinking lights on the dryer I had already washed another load!!
I called Sears to schedule service and have to wait till Wednesday for a tech. :(


Sally- That Girl! said...

Love the newsy update and pictures. Feels like I have been to your house! Sorry about the dryer - that stinks for a mama! Our washer is on its last leg. I am researching now so I am ready for the big purchase!

Love the rockers!!!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Wow, so much going on - I wish I had read your latest posts before seeing you today (hope you and appliances are all healthy now)!

Looking back, I don't think I introduced a single "adult" conversation. Too wrapped up in trying to be a "first time" Mommy.....
Loved our visit with Victoria and Danny. You guys have lots of fun play toys.
Thank you for all the play clothes, shoes and footie-PJ's!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
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