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Friday, November 28, 2008

busy busy busy!!

Sorry I have not updated! It has been so busy :) :)

Everyone dressed up for Feast Day at Danny's school Tuesday. The upper classmen and teachers were all pilgrims and the lower classmen were all indians! The kids have been doing indian studies for the last two months and pow wow weekly. Tuesday am was testing day to earn feathers, Danny earned his 3!! They spent the morning playing indian games and then we all sat down for a feast.

Playing kickball. The bigger kids had to play the outfield so in order to make it fair they had to stay on their knees! Danny got a homerun!! As he rounded third he started in for home and everyone was cheering him on, he thought everyone was yelling at him so was in tears as he crossed home :(

The Feast!

Tossing the corn through the hoop

Playing catch the ball in the cup.

All Victoria wanted to do was swing!

Danny's class!

Playing toss the ring

Wednesday I had my followup with the ortho guy, who was happy my hip is better. But wanted to give me shots in my back for my back pain. I told him I wanted to wait a bit, so I see him just before Christmas to see if my back pain is any better :) (I know woosie)

After I had my Dr visit Danny & I went to the airport to pick up Grammy and Grampy. Danny was beside himself he was so excited! Luckily my car doors don't open till the car has come to a complete stop!! He almost brought Grampy to his knees when he jumped out of the car!!
On the way home we stopped at Danny's school so he could show Grammy and Grampy! He was so proud walking around pointing everything out! On the way out we ran into the Director and her husband and He thanked them for letting him go there! It was so cute!

Happy booty from Grammy and Grampy :)

Nothing better than belly rasberries :)

Grampy doing what he does best!!

The dogs are always happy when Grampy comes to visit cause they get walks 1-2 times a day

This is what little missy did while everyone else was out walking and mommy and daddy were watching tv! should have known she was being too quiet :(

lots to be thankful for

Giving Thanks!!
We had thanksgiving dinner around 4, then chilled in the hot tub, got our pj's on and then had pumpkin and apple pie!!

Grampy lick my finger, this white stuff is yummy :)

Grampy is letting me "share" his bagel :)

Little Missy decided she wanted to use the potty!! So we have been staying dry all day. I think it was the Dora stickers I bought :)

We are off to the Alligator Farm today. These were tickets we won at the silent auction.
Hope everyone had a great holiday!!


Don and Be said...

Feast Day looks like it was a real hoot!
Get ready to see more fashions from Nan's Boutique on our blog. We are so grateful for the new duds. Thank You!

Jane said...

Oh Nancy, that picture of the flour all over the flour is sooooo classic. Kids...gotta love 'em.


Natalie C. said...

Danny's school did a great job. It looks like a lot of fun.