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Monday, September 5, 2011

The beds are here!

Watching Daddy :)

staining the deck :)
 I then had to see my new primary to get a referral for ortho for my hip. And yes, Jodi, they weighed me :( :( But I made sure I had just gone potty and did not eat or drink that morning :) :)
I read my record upside down and she wrote,"very pleasant, educated, well nourished female"!! I guess that is PC for overweight :)

The Dr was very nice, gave me the authorization for a referral and then sent me over to get a script filled for Ibuprofen 800 mg to take till I have surgery. So cool have everything in the same place.
Then I met my sister for some salon time!! :)
We both had our hair colored and cut and styled. Then had lunch together :) so much fun!!

Here is what it looked like right after (and never will again :) )
 I had a brainstorm for a desk for the kids to do homework, a countertop and 2 file cabinets. So we hit Lowe's and bought a countertop and 2 cabinet bases. We did not think about how high countertops are on top of the bases, so our quick desk took much longer as we measured and cut the two bases.
The kids keep fighting over who gets to do home work!

It works out really well. Danny and Gerri both have a place for their paper, pencils and stuff.
 Then the real excitement came on Saturday am!!
Bob's delivering the girl's princess beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They watched every move!!

They helped carry out the empty boxes!

The bases are almost done!

Danny SO wanted one!!

Almost done!!!

The princess room with their bedding!
 Thankfully the room is huge so the 2 beds fit :)
Over their dressers, the picture says "happily ever after"

I LOVE these lamps :)
 The girls could not wait to go to sleep Saturday night :)
Sunday we had all the cousins over to swim and BBQ and I did not take any pictures :) It was nice and hot and most of us swam, cannon balled, and there was even some synchronized swimming :)
We ALL helped dig a hole for the flagpole

how much fun is it to watch cement set up?!?!?


Jodi said...

LOL....well nourished! I guess I should be glad I can't read upside down or I'd see the same thing...hahaa....

those beds are soooo pretty!!! What LUCKY girls they are! Heck, you should get poor Danny one too ;)

Your house is great....I love it. Looks like it's all coming together nicely. And the pool is awesome!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jennifer said...

I ALWAYS wanted a canopy bed and never, ever got one. How pretty!