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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Days of School!!

We made our school bus cookies :)

First day!! So VERY excited!! Danny and Gerri were up at 6 :)

Yes, it is pouring!! Danny getting on his bus
 Luckily the neighbor was able to show him the ropes :) The bus driver let them sit together (they sit by grade on the bus)
Gerri's bus!
 They both had great first days, mostly just learning the routine and how to get from point a to point b.
Day 2!! Love Gerri in pigtails!!

Victoria had orientation for PreK

Wow! they let us use markers and stickers!!

very proud of her frog!
They go up on the front door and as each child comes in they take their frog off the door and put it in a basket. So the teachers know who is not in class by whose frogs are still on the door :)

did a little mopping

sat in the reading chairs

played a little

loved matching the jewels :)

her cubbie!

if only this worked!! :) :)
She is sitting in the front seat because my van would not start and we had to wait for daddy to come jump it!
  I got a call from the school nurse (who I met on Tuesday) she wanted to know if it was ok for Gerri to be twirling on the monkey bars. I asked her if the kids were allowed to do it and she said, I need to know if it is safe for Gerri to do it. I once again told her that Gerri has NO physical limitations. When Gerri got home from school I asked her how her day was and she said she wanted to walk around without her walker and the teacher would not let her. I also asked Gerri about twirling on the monkey bars and she said she did it, so I asked her if she thought that was a safe thing to be showing the other kids, and she thought about it and decided it was not, since some of the other kids can't do it :)
I called the school nurse to find out what was going on and was told "since you send her to school with a walker she has to use it". WHAT?? I had told her that the walker was only sent to school for her teacher's convenience. That since Gerri cannot walk as fast as everyone else it is just to help her go faster so the class is not held up. I understand CYA, but come on!
Day 3 - finally stopped raining!!
 And if you notice - no walker in the picture!!! :) Took care of that problem, we kept it home. Gerri said she felt fine not taking it. Her bus thought it was cool too.
Once we go to Philly next week for her followup we will get her AFO's adjusted and she will be able to wear her shoes again and ride the regular bus with Danny and our neighbor. They are SO excited!! Dr vB was great about doing a quick letter saying Gerri has NO physical limitations!!!
finally have the flag pole in place and flew our BIG flag yesterday to mark 9/11.
We shall never forget!!

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