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Monday, September 19, 2011

the best laid plans :(

I had a hard time sleeping because I was afraid I would oversleep and not hear my cell phone ring.
At 3:00 am I was loading my car and wrapping Gerri in her blanket and sneaking out the front door.
I didn't take any coffee so I wouldn't have to stop :)
40 minutes into our 5 hour drive to Philly I heard a funny noise and lights started lighting up on my dashboard :( I pulled over, dug out a flashlight and had to walk around to see what was going on.
A flat tire! at 3:45 am!!
Luckily I have AAA (thanks dad!!)
Turns out that they had to call the MA state police since I was on a toll road.
An hour later!! a tow truck goes flying by so fast he could not stop and back up to get me so I had to wait till he went up to the next exit to turn around come back the other direction and then turn around to get back to me!! So at 4:45 am I finally saw this through my front windshield

He loaded us into his cab and then loaded my car onto the flatbed

Gerri was SO excited!! (me not so much!!)
 We had to get towed to Honday since I have special run flat tires (which did work :) )
He dropped us off at 5:00 am and we had to wait till 7:00 am till they opened up so I could get help.
Gerri and I spent the 2 hours sleeping in the car in front of the dealership :)
Poor tire!!
I called my dad around 6:15 since I knew he was awake and on his way to work :)
He swung by at 7:15 to pick us up and get me coffee!! :) :) I then drove him back to work and then drove home with Gerri. We managed to pull into our street 10 minutes before Gerri's bus arrived!
The kids were SO excited to see us :)
Gerri told them that we had gone to Philly but had to come home cause of a flat. I told her we never made it out of MA and she said of course we did, we got up very early and drove a long time! :)

Luckily the dealership called to say it was just a nail in the tire and they were able to plug it!! :)
So needless to say we were both very tired today!
She was sound asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and I am heading there now!
We will head back to Philly next Monday, but we will fly :)

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