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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farmers Market and a FIRST!!

To celebrate a great first week at school Danny went off for the weekend with Grampy and Grammy to Cuttyhunk :)
He has become quite proficient as a dinghy driver!!

He and Grampy did lots of walking!

Just hanging around! :)
(he talked and talked about this toilet)
 On Sunday while the boys were busy, the girls went to So Boston and a really cool farmers market!
LOTS of food and things to buy and sample!

grilled cheese food truck was packed!!

people selling everything!

vintage jewelry

taking a break to eat hot dogs and fries :)

shopping is SO tiring!!

Ms V started PreSchool on Monday and was not wanting to go at all! she wanted to stay home with us. But once there she had a ball. She is one of the oldest in the class and the teacher has her help. Now she is loving it and can't wait to go!! She goes every morning for 3 hours and it is at the high school :) I forgot to take a pictiure on Monday but it was the same first day outfit from Danny and Gerri's first day at school last week.
 But the coolest thing of all is that I got a call from the school nurse yesterday and she said she had received a fax from Dr vB (from Philly) and he cleared Gerri as having NO physical limitations!!! So that meant this morning FOR THE FIRST TIME Gerri and Danny rode the regular bus together!!!!
Victoria was sad to see them go, but next year they will ALL ride together!!!
Danny was SO excited to show Gerri the ropes on HIS bus :) He forgot to help her up the stairs but kept a seat for her next to him :) On the way home Gerri told Danny she wanted to ride with Ella who is in her class :) But he DID remember to help her up and down the stairs. (and she only needs help to get up and down quickly since the steps are so big and I don't want her putting her hands on the steps)
SO SO cool!! So proud of them!

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