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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots of work, demo and diggin goin on!

We had some masons over to do some chimney work

They were supposed to be here 1 day, I left and they were busy

I came back to this, and we haven't seen them since!
Turns out all 3 flues are damaged and we are trying to decide what to do :(

Grampy playing with some new leg weights :)
 My sister is having an addition done on her house so the kids and I went over on Saturday to watch some demo and some digging!!

they found this big rock - doesn't look big does it!?!?

how about now?? that is Danny standing there.

We then headed over to my other sisters to "help" uncle empty their pool!
It was a very big production 

water fight!!

They were ALL SOAKED! But they emptied the pool one cup at a time :)
 Today we went back to check the progress at my other sister's :)
BIG hole!

Little hole in their dining room :( with daylight showing

the girls loved to watcht the machines!

Nana was trying to find the ferret graveyard to move it, but no luck :(

Gotta play on the big rocks and the dirt!

It took all day and 2 trucks to get the big rock out of the way

has enough of the machines, let's play with leaves

one of the crew standing in the big hole, on the big rock trying to jiggle it into place

Tomorrow am, very early, Gerri and I head out to Philly for her followup and preop appts. It will be about a 5 hour drive each way :( My sister was nice enough to lend me an audiobook for the trip.
We also get to hug and love on Ms Carolyn and Madeline!! :)

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Glenna said...

Nancy, I so enjoy hearing about your family. And it was great to see pictures of your sister's project. Give everyone a hug for Gerry and I. One of these days or years we'll hopefully come to Mass. to visit you all!