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Sunday, September 25, 2011

We will try it again!

The chimney guys finally came back and fixed 2 of 3 flues!
The fireplace flue needs to be totally replaced, so we are just buying an insert!

Dan and Uncle cut down lots of trees!

eveyone pitched in

Gerri's self portrait!!
 This past week was open house at school, got to see Danny and Gerri's classrooms :)
Also had 2 hours of IEP meetings to get their FL IEP converted to MA. It is so amazing that they are willing to actually provide services informally without having an IEP in place and provide services that they have not had evaluations for yet, but they know they need it!! both teachers had great things to say about each one. Danny is shy and his teacher is helping him meet some new kids. Gerri definately is NOT shy, matter of fact she talks to everyone!!
Turns out they have recess at the same time and they were playing together instead of other kids.
I sat with both kids after the meeting and we talked about them both having a goal of playing with 1 new kid each week, including learning their names!! Gerri and I also talked about what a stranger is, not talking to everyone she sees and trying to focus and not interrupt. It is going to be very hard for both of them.  Both played with new kids on Thursday and happily told me their names :)
Waiting for the bus on Friday! Danny played hooky and went sailing :)
This is our neighbors dog, loving the attention!

Uncle has been VERY busy around our house! This little pool house turned into a big problem.
The right side had lots of carpenter ants and the left side had termites!! And birds nests and lots of dead birds :(

Uncle took away LOTS of wood

The new flue caps, the middle one is the chimney waiting on the new fireplace insert.

Today was football day, Grampy played with the girls

then it was swimming time!!!!!
Victoria is pushing Grampy in!

Maggie SO wanted to join them!! but 70 degrees was too cold for her :)

Tonight was my nephew's 16th birthday!!

yes!! 16!!

The kids making their own pizzas!!
Katie and Dan helped make them beautiful!

So proud of her pizza!!
And if you look very closely - you will see a gap in her smile!!
Victoria lost her first tooth today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the title is explained by Gerri and I taking a PLANE to Philly tomorrow for her follow up and preop appts. We are taking it easy tomorrow :) :)

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