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Thursday, March 10, 2011

oh man, the plane again?!?!

Dry erase boards and dry erase CRAYONs!! how cool!
How cool mommy!!
And they are magnetic!! so each has abc's and 123's :)
How is this mommy?
Our room - it is the Harley Davidson room!
So so cool!
The front meeting room!
This is an awesome big play room!!
The outdoor patio - closed till spring
This is how you get around and keep your apple clean!!
Found some new friends!! Playing tea party!
Then playing cards!!
Quick tubby and then tv time :)
A mermaid mural in the tv room
settling in for D*ra :)
We had to stay at the other R*nald McD*nald house today and wow!! is it nice!!!
Gerri was up very early today, she told me she was nervous about today. I told her today was the easy day, just drive, fly and play!! She settled right down and we had a good day. It was raining when we left FL and raining when we arrived in PA :) Thank heavens for Ms Becky who picked us up and kept us company till we found out where we were staying. The girls had SO much fun running around and playing with the other kids. We had a wonderful dinner of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, bread, green beans and cranberry sauce!

Tomorrow we head over to Shriners for cast removal and a new one put on!! I have pain meds, snacks and their new boards :)


Jodi said...

Boy, I bet you'll be glad when that's all done!

And Gerri too.

By the way...I think it's so cute how Gerri and Torri's names are only 2 letters different :)

I like that :)

MoonDog said...

becky is awesome. she has become one of my favorite people! we are like old friends and we sit and talk for hours while the kids play. you wouldnt know that I only just met her a few months ago. Val is going to be there next week and we will be there next week. looking forward to seeing everyone. its always so much fun o see everyone when we go. Ben MAY end up back in casts so we might see you again sooner than you think!

Sally-Girl! said...

Thanks for all the photos. It helps me to know what to expect!!

David and Carolyn said...

I think the title of our blog post when there will be " We've Only Just begun"! It's nice to visualize where we're going. Looks like a nice home away from home. thanks for the photos. See you in a couple of weeks :)