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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On the Road Again!!

I created this chart to help Danny focus and get things done in the am without being constantly reminded

He Loves it!! He was SO proud of being able to initial each block as he did it

I just can not believe that the girls had to board another plane today!!

Big discussions while snacking and waiting for the plane to arrive

Watching cartoons on our flight
 Both Ronald McD*nald houses were full up so we had to stay at a hotel :)
We met a new friend, Becky, who picked us up at the airport. It was SO much fun having another mom to talk to!! We hope to be done early tomorrow so that we can meet up and do something!! Maybe the kids museum!
Settling in :) More snacks and juice and cartoons

Got bored so they stated checking everything out
 We were pretty hungry since all we did was snack all day and luckily the hotel has a sports bar/restaurant downstairs. It was pretty quiet when we got there. But they were all SO nice to us :)
Playing Pacman, the bartender gave them quarters so they could play

They were fascinated by the guys playing pool!! The guys loved the audience!
 You should have heard everyone laugh when Victoria said out loud "mom, I should have brought my poms poms!!
This picture is for hubby!! It was yummy!!
 I called home to rub it in that I was eating a real Philly cheese steak and the poor guy is SICK!! Fever, chills, v*miting, just plain miserable. :(
They were nice enough to put sponge b*b on the tv for us
 Today was bittersweet, just knowing Gerri gets casted tomorrow and will be in casts for the next 3 weeks. :(
I let them play in the halls and run around and play forever in the tub :)

Last tubby together for a while:( :(

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