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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Princess Portia the Storyteller

When I picked Danny up from school today we headed to the library to kill some time.
(since Victoria was home napping) While there I saw a sign that said Princess Portia the storyteller/magician was going to be there!! So we killed time with Danny playing computer games and me reading.

Here is Princess Portia waiting for all the kids to settle down so she could start:
(sorry the pics are blurry - I was using my cell phone)

She told this really great story where all the kids got to make noises and they all had so much fun. She then told a story of a little girl that always dreamed of being a princess. The little girl woke up in a magic land with a magic wand and dressed up as a princess! Portia called up Danny to help her with a magic spell. She asked him to hold her magic wand and as she walked away he was holding one piece and she had another! Portia walked over to Danny and told him to hold it and as he held it she walked away and another one came out. She did this several times, till Danny had magic wands in his hands, his armpits, his neck and she still held one!! The kids were almost hysterical laughing! And Danny was just amazed! It was so cool to see them all fall for it :) Here is a blurry shot of Danny with all the magic wands:

The princess story continued with the Princess collecting shiny rocks and using her magic wand to change them into candy. So Portia had a little girl named Sarah come up to help her and Danny turn some shiny rocks into candy. Danny held the bucket and little Sarah waved the magic wand and all the kids said the magic words. The first time nothing happened and the second time when she lifted the cover this is what was there:

Danny did not even realize it was a real bird! The kids were all so focused on candy that they took a couple of beats before they realized it was a bird!! Luckily Danny did not drop the bucket! I was so impressed by how well he did!
The next wave of the magic wand turned the bird into candy canes!!
The story continued with a great piece about Rudolph and his shiny nose. She turned a small Rudolph flag into a bunny rabbit and it totally brought the house down!!!!
It was so much fun and Danny was so impressed by the whole thing!

When we got home Dan and Victoria were hanging out on the front porch just chillin.
Dan told us that when he went upstairs to get Victoria up from her nap she was laying there completely naked! Her diaper and underwear thrown over the side of her bed. She was flat on her back, on top of her covers, spread eagle and sound asleep!! She woke up when she heard him laughing :)
Potty training is going so well! She even wakes up dry in the morning most of the time!! We bought some new Dora and Princess panties and she loves them!

This am we all went with Danny to school and walked the track together. Danny and his little friend Kristen walk together most mornings and today they had Victoria between them! All the kids thought it was so cool that Danny's mom and dad were walking with them :) Victoria walked 6 laps with them, which is almost a mile!!

Tomorrow we are all heading to Danny's school for a classroom party. We are going to make graham cracker gingerbread houses. It should be so much fun :)

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