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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas fun and singing

Monday was the last day of school till January 5th! (just shoot me now) Danny had speech then I drove him to school. They were having a feast. His teacher was making potato latkes and I made the mistake of asking if she needed any help :)
I spent 3 hours flipping them on griddles! My back hurt so bad, not to mention how much my clothes, hair and skin smelled from the hot oil. I stayed with Danny's class for lunch and then headed home.

Danny's teacher, Ms Suzy, and the accursed griddles:

A bunch of the kids playing Draedel for pennies:

They had a bunch of crafts for the kids too. They made reindeers out of bells and pipe cleaners, snowmen out of marshmallows, and each class made a wreath with their handprints for their teachers.

Of course the boys ended up playing in the dirt :)

Tuesday night was Danny's school christmas presentation. The kids have all been practicing so hard. It was so darn cute!!

The kids waiting their turn to go up:

The PreK kids singing - so cute :) (3 and 4 yr olds)

The two kindergarten classes singing their songs:

We all just loved this song:

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Don and Be said...

Y'all are busier than a puppy in a room full of rubber balls with the Christmas activities! What a hoot!