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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Party and The Symphony

Thursday was a holiday party at Danny's class. Several parents showed up to help and the kids had a great time!!

The kids all decorating their gift bags.

Snack time between projects and as you can see Ms V is right in there with them :)

The dads cutting up graham crackers for the gingerbread house project

The kids making cards and a mess :)

Victoria was on clean up duty

Several parents getting everything set up for the big project

Danny's table hard at work, of course he is sitting with two girls :) :)

This was the big project, I think they ate as much candy as they decorated with :)

Today we headed to see the symphony for a family day concert. These were some of the tickets I won at the Silent Auction.

Getting ready to go the the Jax Symphony Youth Orchestra's Sounds of the Season concert. Danny is not in the pic because he had a major meltdown :(

I tried to get a good picture of them both, but this is the best I could do.

They had a bunch of the instruments in the lobby so the kids could see them, touch them and play them!

How cute is this?

Both kids thought the harp was so cool

Playing on the stairs till it was time to sit

Danny took this picture of us

The youth orchestra warming up

They were just fascinated!!

The concert lasted about 1 hour, just long enough to hear great music, but not too long that all the kiddos would get stir crazy. I had brought goldfish for them to snack on so they were very happy. The concert ended on a sing along and Ms V was singing her little heart out - not that she knew any of the words and Danny mumbled his way through :)