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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A New Addition!

Introducing Lexi Thornell:

Her first owner finally called back Monday night. She said she adopted the dog and then found out her condo did not allow animals. She re-homed the dog to a friend in Orlando who re-homed her to someone in Jax. She promised she would call back that night and we have heard nothing. Both kids are so excited, the dogs not so much :)
We did find out she will be 1 next month! She is so lovable and somewhat trained already.

Making friends slowly:

playing in the backyard today:


Don and Be said...

Looks like Lexi may have some boxer in her - what a cutie. Hope all goes well.
We are pretty much status quo down here in Orlando - blogging about once a week ..... or when I get insomnia ..... like now.
Hoping y'all are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Thornells continue to add to their family. How long before Miss V asks for a little brother or sistes?

And playing in the yard with winter jackets on? Don't you guys know you live in Florida?! People are running in shorts along snow covered roads in New England. (people -- just not this person;-)


Natalie C. said...

what a beautiful dog