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Monday, March 16, 2009

Field Trip!

Everyone waiting to head into the Cummer museum. Nana met us there to help with crowd control :)

The kids getting ready to make their faces out of paper. Most of the kids just liked making funny faces in the mirrors. The museum had large cut outs of a school bus and once the kids finished their faces the teachers put them in the school bus!

Making a sculpture out of pool noodles!

becoming part of a picture!

The kids lined up outside the museum listening to the guide before heading into the gardens.

Danny, Nana and Victoria looking at the pretty antique tiles in a fountain.

The beautiful gardens that back onto the St Johns River.

By the time we finished at the museum it was 11:30 so I had the kids eat their snacks in the car while we headed out. We decided to visit with Dan at the boat and entertain him while he cleaned :)

Dan needed his hair trimmed up so I had to open my barbershop on the front porch. Victoria got a trim too. Danny then ran in and got some hairbrushes and we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging on the porch doing my hair.

Danny after his haircut, very happy :)

While Danny & I were outside with the doggies, Dan was inside the bathroom shaving while Ms V sat on the sink watching. He heard me yelling at the dogs about digging and stepped out of the bathroom to see what was going on. Ms V picked up his razor and tried to shave her face like daddy was doing and cut her top lip pretty bad :(
I scooped her up and tried to calm her, Dan found his stiptic pencil and Danny tried to hug and kiss her. The pencil did not work that great, it just kept bleeding.
Danny got our boo boo cold pack and we wrapped it in a cold washcloth but it just kept bleeding. Victoria kept pulling it back to look at it and every time she saw the fresh blood she would cry more. I ended up grabbing a bandaid to try to cover it up and keep her from touching it.
After a dose of motrin she was better, poor baby :(
Little missy after her mishap. I put the bandaid on to get the blood to stop. She was not happy and wanted to be held till bedtime.

Dan felt so bad. At one point we were sitting in the living room watching tv and they were cuddling and she told Dan she was sorry she did it and she would never touch it again. Dan told her he was so sorry he left her in the bathroom and that she got hurt. She hugged him and told him it was ok...


Don and Be said...

Y'all never stop! I love it!
Sorry about the boo-boo. Our little JMei would have done the same thing.
Your head must feel as cool as you look!

Sally- That Girl! said...

So sorry about her lip, but it seems like all kids try shaving something!

Nancy, she is the cutest little girl with those eyes and hair. You just must want to gobble her up!!

I love watching her grow up. I will never forget our very first phone call about our girls!