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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

busy and boo boo

BIG chipper!!

So So cool and lots of mulch

Then it was time to pick up V, in grey on the slide

she didn't even see me sitting right next to the playground

line up to collect some acorns and then pack up
 So I am sitting in the car reading the paper when the teaching asst knocks on my window to ask me to please come quick, ms V got stung just as they were going back into the building :(

Since it was her first sting ever she was sitting in the nurse's office being watched and sobbing. The nurse was able to get the stinger out and she had pumpkin ice cubes to put on top of it :)
crying the whole way home :(
She calmed down in time to arrive home and see daddy, then it started all over again :(
I had her lay on the couch with her ice and a milk and in 5 minutes she was sound asleep!
When she woke up an hour later she was fine and couldn't wait to tell her brother and sister about it.

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